‘Get in trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble’ John Lewis

Bring on the Zoo is an innovative network company specialising in strategy and large-scale change projects with a bigger purpose. We draw on years of combined experience in facilitating multi-stakeholder initiatives. We build cultures that people want to contribute to and know how to work with seemingly incompatible differences. When things feel utterly stuck, we know how to get them moving, by making complexity work for and not against us.

Bring on the Zoo works together with a community of experts, pioneers, and facilitators across the world. From researchers to revolutionaries and from philosophers to bridge-builders. They push us forward with their knowledge, perspective, experience, and networks and are as passionate about driving positive change as we are. With every project we take on, we practice what we believe in: radical honesty. If that requires sitting in the fire with you: bring it on. We promise you we create good trouble. Necessary trouble.

Team Bring on the Zoo

Bring on the Zoo is owned and operated by Helen Kuyper, Lily Martens and Caroline Rennie. For each project we partner on, we seduce changemakers from our international network to join us, offering our partners the best expertise needed for the task.

Helen Kuyper

As a reformed lawyer, Helen Kuyper learned the rules so she could break them properly. After working for the Dutch government as an innovation expert for eight years, she started her own facilitation company, eventually founding Bring on the Zoo with Lily Martens. Helen specialises in facilitating multi-stakeholder and therefore often multi-cultural initiatives. Projects include ACT, Tchibo’s Change Labs and the WE Program. Blessed with a mindset for relentless progress and the talent to stay sane when things go crazy, Helen loves complexity and large-scale change processes.

Lily Martens

After a successful career as a journalist, editor-in-chief, publisher and innovation media expert, Lily Martens made a radical career switch to focus on creativity and meaningful change. Building Bring on the Zoo, a fluid network of like-minded people, sounded like the best answer to the complexity Lily loves to work with. These days she combines all she has ever done and learned in media with her extensive experience as international facilitator and coach. Lily is known for her unconventional approach, boundless energy, and disruptive nature. You have been warned.

Caroline Rennie

A true activist at heart, Caroline Rennie combines realism with an optimistic, forward-thinking perspective. She stands for leading change for sustainability within and beyond supply chains, using dialogue and participatory practices. Before being seduced into the Zoo, she served as Director Communications Environment at Tetra Pak International, Environmental Affairs Director at Continental Can PET Division and oversaw the development of recycling regulations as Political Advisor to the California Waste Management Board. Caroline is the most serious and the funniest Zoo-member; she matches insatiable curiosity and deep knowledge with a great sense of humour.

Idil Ander

Idil makes things happen. She stands by colleagues from the community, assists teams, recruits new members and is a wise and experienced voice in the strategy team. Idil’s skills as an international facilitator shine through in all her activities. She is a Theory U practitioner, Deep Democracy instructor and accredited ILO PGA facilitator and has ample experience in conflict resolution and working with vulnerable groups. After working as a sustainability consultant for over a decade, she directed social programs on human rights in supply chains. She also co-founded an NGO on social inclusion. Working with BOTZ has altered her perspective on sustainable change. Co-creation and collaboration are top of her list now.

Connor McMullen

Before he became a storyteller, Connor was an engineer. He did a bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering (his parents wanted him to get a serious degree), worked in Germany and India, and then enrolled at TU Delft in the Netherlands where he did his Master’s in Engineering and Policy Analysis. One of his professors discovered his talent for writing and gave him the mind-shifting advice not to waste any more time on technical stuff but focus on communication. Connor went for it and now combines the best of both worlds. He works as a story engineer, creating tools that help people work with stories. Oasis, the platform/app BOTZ developed for impact measuring, is one of his pet projects.

Neeltje Kleijn

Neeltje is the Zoo’s visual treasure keeper. In terms of energy and enthusiasm, she definitely leads the pack. As the most colourful Zoo-member (quite literally) she somehow also manages to be the most invisible person in the room, an important quality for a photographer. Fresh out of art college, with a specialization in documentary photography, she vowed she would never do portraits. Luckily, for us and her, BOTZ changed her perspective. Over the past six years she has done amazing things as BOTZ’s designated photographer/creative, documenting the WE Program, harvesting meetings and giving creative masterclasses.

Beanca de Goede

After finishing her master’s in New Journalism, Beanca started writing for magazines, NGO’s, multinationals, and start-ups. During the span of her career, she has interviewed hundreds of people - from budding artists and grassroots activists to politicians, scientists, farmers, and factory workers. In recent years she made a slow shift towards activism and impact story telling in her personal and professional life, working for movements such as Slow Food, Transition Towns, the Animal Politics Foundation, and the WE Program. For BOTZ she is always on the hunt to capture stories that have the power to boost change.

Yvonne Roos

Creatively inclined to blow your mind, Yvonne uses design to bring clarity to complex matters. As BOTZ’s in-house art director she is responsible for a wide collection of projects, ranging from books and magazines to posters, postcards, reports, flipbooks, manuals, and websites. Yvonne graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy in Rotterdam, a cradle for creating pioneers. Combining beauty with purpose is what motivates her as a designer; she wants her work to be rooted in something more than just visual appeal.

Bring on the Zoo Community

Jekib Ahmed

NEW DELHI, INDIA. International facilitator.
Specialties: social dialogue, training and capacity building on labour rights issues, expert consulting on contract labour, home workers and migrant labour management, strategic CSR project planning. Works on multi stakeholder projects regarding ethical supply chains in different sectors in India, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Middle East.

Sheila Wong

GUANGZHOU, CHINA. International facilitator, employee relations, diversity & inclusion.
Specialties: inclusive strategy and culture development, employee relations management, grievance mechanism, collaborative problem solving, and social dialogue. Works in mainland China on various programs and projects with international organizations, companies, and social innovation sectors.

Selima Akhtar 

DHAKA, BANGLADESH. International facilitator, capacity building expert .
Specialties: communication, leadership, team building, social dialogue, time management & project management. Works in the readymade garment sector since 1995 on various programs and projects in multinational consulting firms, ETI, ILO, and UNICEF. 

Ellie Nguyen

HANOI, VIETNAM. International facilitator, flow game host, AOH practitioner.
Specialties: helping teams and individuals to learn and grow through meaningful conversations and project-based experiences. Works with powerful questions, non-violent communication and other participatory tools and processes to invite collective intelligence, and build strong, resilient working and learning cultures.  

Moon Mukherjee

NEW DELHI, INDIA. Learning & capacity development consultant, international facilitator.
Specialties: CSR, sustainable human rights enablement, sustainable change management, collaborative co-creation, social dialogue, social compliance, capacity building, lean management learning, intervention design, facilitation and coaching. Works across multiple industries, across private and non-government stakeholders. Facilitation and consulting experience in Europe and South Asia.

Sang Chea

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA. International facilitator, coach, leadership trainer and researcher.
Specialties: peace building, social dialogue, cross border culture exchange, working with stories, leadership and capacity building, system strengthening. Extensive experience in working with local and international NGOs, and government counterparts on social development issues.

Neel Bhuinya

KOLKATA, INDIA. CSR, labour and social dialogue alchemist, environmental and social risk impact consultant.
Specialties: fair trade assessment & training, home workers, child labour sensitive industries, migrant & immigrant workers. Works independently with small, mid-sized and large-scale industry, impact investment organizations, supply chains, NGOs, trade unions, rural producer groups, and government organizations in India, Gulf Region, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Parvin Akhter 

DHAKA, BANGLADESH. International facilitator, public relations expert, professional writer.
Specialties: human rights, education rights, and the right to information. Skilled pr professional with longtime experience in fostering positive relationships between organizations and audiences. Profound understanding of the importance of good publicity and reputation management.

Anthony Kan

HONG KONG, CHINA. International facilitator of change and growth.
Specialties: leadership development, corporate cultural change, personal growth, team building, collaborative problem solving and social dialogue, Social Presencing Theater. Works in Hong Kong and mainland China on various projects in corporate, social service and education sectors.

Jai Chandrashekar

BANGALORE, INDIA. International facilitator and consultant.
Specialties: coaching, facilitation, personal/leadership development, team building, business and social projects. Facilitates leadership and management development programs across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Ilayda Pasiner

ISTANBUL, TÜRKIYE. Professional coach, mentor, senior consultant, trainer, transformation pioneer.
Specialties: social dialogue, human rights, strategy development, team management, organizational development, innovation management, intercultural communication. Senior process and project consultant. Working experience in Türkiye, Central Eastern Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa.

Haider Sagheer

LAHORE, PAKISTAN. Senior coach, practitioner and facilitator in strategy deployment and change management.
Specialties: social dialogue, consultancy, facilitating organizational transformation projects in large (20.000+ employees) companies, working with stories, filming.

Gao Jing

GUANGZHOU, CHINA. International facilitator, labour relations observer and researcher.
Specialties: local industry and community collaboration, social dialogue, capacity building for grassroots trade unions and collective bargaining. Conducts research on vocational education and skills upgrading programs for workers. Monitors and investigates changes in workplace labour relations in the context of smart manufacturing and industrial transformation in China, reporting to relevant German foundations and Chinese local government.

Sanaiyya Faheem Ansari

DHAKA, BANGLADESH. Consultant on human rights and gender issues.
Specialties: CSR, gender issues, human rights issues, rights of the marginalized, esp. Dalits, sex workers and sexual minority groups (LGBTQ). Regional council member and program management member of the Asia Pacific Women Law and Development. International trainer on Feminist Legal Theory and Practice.

Ege Erim

ISTANBUL, TÜRKIYE. International facilitator, writer, psychotherapist-in-training.
Specialties: social dialogue, conflict management, existential psychotherapy, psycho-social support for humanitarian aid workers/volunteers, building trust, social inclusion, courageous conversations, Lewis Deep Democracy, Forum Theatre, non-violent communication, Creative Drama. Based in Istanbul, holds a UK passport, can work anywhere in corporate and NGO projects.

Sabnam Mostari

DHAKA, BANGLADESH. Team coach & facilitator, sustainability mindset expert, academician.
Specialties: coaching and facilitation, shared leadership development, team development, collaborative problem solving and social dialogue, women empowerment, team engagement, change management and Labour law. Works in fifteen countries as a coach and facilitator (corporate and education sector). Also works as assistant professor at Stamford University Bangladesh.

Rani Arunduty

DHAKA BANGLADESH. International facilitator.
Specialties: social dialogue, social justice, coaching and facilitation, human rights and gender issues, change management and Labour law, human resource management, communicating for impact, political feminism.

Trang Nguyen

HANOI, VIETNAM. Sustainability practitioner, international facilitator, IT engineer.
Specialties: human rights, social dialogue, community building, enhancing social resilience in communities, graphic design, photography.

Sothearat Seoung

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA. International change facilitator, coach, clinical psychologist.
Specialties: human rights in supply chains, leadership development, executive coaching, working with stories, graphic design and illustration.

Chenyan Liu

MUNICH, GERMANY AND SHENZEN, CHINA. International facilitator, independent CSR consultant, researcher & analyst.
Specialties: finance, statistics, strategy development, change management, human rights and CSR. Works in Germany and Asia.

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