Making Sustainability a Brand Cornerstone

Tetra Pak’s growth was threatened by the rising consumption of plastic. As in most companies, sustainability was considered a relatively minor business issue. As a result, the organization was not speaking with one voice and its relatively good sustainability performance was not used to differentiate and grow the business.

Our Approach

BOTZ reframed the company’s commitment to renewables and secured sustainability in its brand positioning. Creating organisational buy-in was essential. This could only be achieved by creating common understanding of the value of sustainability to the business. BOTZ trained environmental, communications and commercial teams around the globe. We developed and delivered an interactive show for the top 800 managers which demonstrated how Tetra Pak’s packaging could compete against plastics’ encroachment by highlighting environmental competitive advantages, trends, urgency, and a path forward. 

The Impact

Sustainability became a core part of Tetra Pak’s business strategy. It ceased to be a nuisance issue and became an increasingly central aspect of business. Ambitious goals for the future were developed and partnerships with environmental groups have been set up.

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved